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Patrick Lencioni: Trust that builds Healthy Leadership Teams

One of the key outcomes a CEO wants from their team is Results and they want a high performing team where results are consistently achieved. However, the illusive results actually sits on something that is much more fundamental and simpler. Simple but not easy. It’s trust. It’s not predictive trust, but what Patrick Lencioni calls the vulnerability-based trust. It is also what the concluding evidence from Google’s research on what is the key traits that sets apart high performing teams is “psychological safety”, and you can only have that with vulnerability-based trust (Article:


The tools and thought leadership work of Patrick Lencioni is about helping organisations build healthy teams.

Here you find some content that talks about trust.


Short: (1.01min)

Patrick Lencioni explains what is trust based vulnerability. View YouTube video

Med: (12.45 Mins)

Absence of Trust – Patrick gave examples of absence of trust in Leadership team. View YouTube video

Patrick shares the 5 dysfunctions of a Team (2.10mins) View YouTube video

Check out his book, The five dysfunction of a Team to learn more.


Here is an HBR article that supports the findings.

Here is the 5 traits of high performance team from google’s 2 year study of 180 teams.

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