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Agile Growth Program

Agile Growth Program is suitable for CEO and leadership team that is growing or looking to grow and need 1-on-1 attention. (Suitable for Revenue between 5 - 100M and employees of 30 to 1000 in size.)


Group Growth Program

Group Growth Program is suitable for CEO and 3 of their management team to join 3 other companies to go through a structured program together so that they benefit from the mutual accountability and learning to accelerate their growth. (Suitable for companies with 3 – 10M and 20-100 employees)


Group CEO Bootcamp

CEO bootcamp suitable for Co-Founders / CEO only to join 3 other businesses to go through a structured program to accelerate growth through mutual accountability, learning with and from each other in an intimate setting. (Suitable for companies with 200K - 3M in Revenue with 4-20 employees)


Upgrade or Alignment Sessions

What are business upgrade sessions for? Leadership Team not aligned on direction? Low morale and high people turnover? Sluggish sales? Unclear Strategy? Poor Execution habits and processes? Communication Challenges leading to slow decision making? That’s where a Business Alignment/Upgrade session comes in. It’s a one-time engagement with long term impact. These one day, standalone online or face to face workshops for you and your leadership team, act as a reminder of what you maybe already know but need a structured process and some guidance to get in synch. This allows us to test our chemistry and a way for you to see if we work well together and if we could help you before you embark on the program with us. However, these sessions are only possible if schedule permits. Some examples of Upgrade Sessions are below, please feel free to reach out to discuss your requirements. 

Leadership Team Alignment

Growth comes easier if the leadership team works
well with each other. Leadership and teamwork don’t come naturally either. It requires work. This working session will introduce and reinforce the key leadership and teamwork concepts needed to scale up and install them within your leadership team, making sure the leadership team itself is not an obstacle to growth. Draws heavily on the work of Jim Collins (Good to Great), Liz Wiseman (Multipliers), and Pat Lencioni (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Truth about Employee Engagement, and The Ideal Team Player).

Meetings Cadence Upgrade​

How fast you grow depends on how fast and better decisions you make, and the basic building block of that is your company's meetings. It's interesting how miscommunication or bad communications has been a culprit for so many problems in companies. Meetings are essentially how people come together in a company to solve problems together, unproductive and ineffective meetings at all levels hinder growth as you cant solve the problems and make decisions fast enough. 

Competitive Positioning & Differentiation

Strategic Moves or Pivot

Agile Execution Cadence

Business Model Design


Testing Business Ideas 

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Expression of Interest

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